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Description of Agency Services:

Our Primary Objective of Relapse Prevention for at risk youth is achieved through a non treatment wilderness experience which includes a four day solo camping experiance. We target supported youth anticipating a major lifestyle change like program participation, school or employment. This change in lifestyle often results in a relapse back into high risk behaviour and our intent is to bridge that period by equiping the youth with life skills to avoid a potential relapse.

A secondary benefits to our initiative include a respite period for the support persons in an effort to help keep the-safe-home-the-safe-home as long as possible for the youth.

We also anticipate a lower community crime rate as a result of relapse prevention. A relapse back into at risk behaviour is often followed by a loss of supports and an entry into petty crime to support the youth’s lifestyle choice. Avoiding the relapse halts those behaviors.

Activities for the Ten Day Challenge:

Staging out of various public access wilderness areas around the province the group backpacks deep into an unserviced area and establish's a ‘Base’ camp. This base camp supports four days of wilderness training designed to prepare the youth for their personal four day solo camping experiance. For the solo's individual sites are established and each youth is given an area with sufficient boundaries to provide isolation. While the solo exercise is being conducted staff provides risk management support and respond to any request for help. This is not a 'survival' style of solo camping as the youth are fully outfitted with a set curriculum to follow. On their last day the youth are brought back into Base camp for a graduation ceremony and home the next day.

How we fund ten days in the wilderness:

Community Sponsors have supported most of our youth with a sponsorship donation of $1550.00 which we attach directly to each youth. The donation is acknowledged by the youth on their last day with an 'Apreciation Letter' and of course a tax reciept. A 'Fee for Service' of $1550.00 is also accepted for unsponsored youth and acknowledged the same way.


Our Annual fundraiser titled THE CALL OF THE WILD gives individual's wanting to experiance a four day solo the opportunity to do so with our support for their Pledge Donations of $1550.00 or more. Each Wilderness Challenge has up to four sites available for Pledge Earners wanting to experiance time alone in the wilderness properly supported.

Quote from our Founding Director:

Solo camping requires extreme self awareness and positive body management......recovery from high risk behaviour also demands extreme self awareness and positive body management....we use the solo wilderness experience to teach the youth how to discover these valuable skills within themselves so as to be successful in their personal life plans.

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