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Elk Island WYCP event

The CALL OF THE WILD is our way of asking for your sponsorship support for an individual youth.......the average cost for a youth to spend ten days in the program is $1500- 2500 depending on our location and the youth's risk concerns. We will apply any size of donation to a youth taking the challenge.

Every youth entering WYCP is partnered with a community member willing to cover the program costs as a Sponsor Partner. This has allowed WYCP to be offered to professionals working with high risk youth as a 'no fee for service' program to eliminate financial disparity, very few professional programs have funding for service beyond their own services.

Sponsors have the opportunity to be involved with an individual youth in a very unique way, their donation is tax reciepted, 100% applied to direct cost's and best of all our youth acknowledge their donation with a Letter of Appreciation on the last night of their four day solo. Our testimonial page examples their letters of appreciation.

Answer the CALL OF THE WILD today and be part of Tommorrows Youth Today! Call or email us and learn how you can make a huge differance in a young persons life, we can introduce you to youth who have not relapsed back into their high risk activity and are now contributing community members as a result of another Sponsor's contribution!

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